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It is a relatively easy task to literally translate a word into a second language. It’s much harder to use creativity in translation and in the process of translating translate a word or a phrase so that it sounds just right in the targeted language after taking into consideration the cultural background of the individuals who are likely to read the translation. The language themes of legal documents, for example, aren’t always the same so a good translation requires the process of translating to be performed with care to avoid mistranslations.

Slogan Translation

The need and importance of translation accuracy are always paramount when translating key advertising slogans targeting the selling of a product or service. Slogans often flow in a certain way. This is related to how the words are ordered and what effect the order and flow have on the targeted audience.

Slogan translation is one type of translation while fiction translation is another. With fiction, the process of translating will be dependent on the author’s style and the genre of the novel. There isn’t usually a right way with these types of translation. If a work of fiction is passed on to different translators for a translation into the same targeted language invariably there is no consistency between the two interpretations and thus the translations of the fiction. It’s not quite like a legal translation which has a fixed way of being translated correctly.

Translation of the News

Translating news has its own intrinsic problems especially when it involves translating quotes from political figures or other people who are important. Speech is often riddled with idioms which aren’t always that easy to translate accurately. With these types of translations, the translator has to ensure that the translation is not a miss quote of what the person has said.

Legal Translations

Legal translations do come in a variety of forms and could be anything from translating terms and conditions to translating reports from witnesses which will be read out in court.  It’s of the greatest importance to translate accurately otherwise it could well affect the outcome of a court case.

Brand Translations

Often a business will have carefully compiled text that describes a brand with the intention of attracting a particular type of audience or customer. Trying to translate catchy language used in these situations is often a hard challenge when in the process of translating and requires a lot of creativity in translation in order to reach the final goal and meet the product and customer’s requirements.