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German Translation
If your business depends on accurate and effective English German translation what can you do to ensure that you get a high-quality service? If you are not able to speak or understand German yourself it can be frustrating trying to work out how to find a reliable translator. Here are 5 ways that you can get a better German translation. These are not in any way the only ways to achieve quality every time, but they are certainly ways to start in that direction!
1. Make sure you choose the German translator carefully before you submit your first documents or website. Unless you want a whole heap of trouble, don’t even think of saving money by using something like Google Translate. Just because you don’t understand what you are translating when you use something like this doesn’t mean it’s a good translation. It’s worth using a professional German translator.
2. Find out if the translator is truly bilingual in English and German and he or she understands the subject area of your business or organization. Larger translation agencies that have several translators available to tackle different specialisations are often better than an individual, more generalised freelancers.
3. Not all translators make themselves available readily. This all depends on your needs, but if you have a large business yourself and expect to need a lot of translation, you would be wise to select a German translator that has flexible hours. Some translation service providers are large enough to provide a 24-hour service and will provide emergency services at the weekend or on public holidays.
4. You will get a feel for the way the translator does his or her job and whether you will be able to build up a rapport with them. You may find that you will need to communicate quite frequently with the translator or translation service and you will be best off with one that is genuinely approachable and able to communicate with you easily and frequently.
5. If you are looking for a marketing specialist or a translator who can translate your website pages, you will probably need a translator who has a good depth of understanding and feels for the target culture and all its idiosyncrasies. There have been some terrible translation blunders in the past, usually when idiomatic expressions in one language are translated into another language without taking into account differences or cultural sensitivities. You don’t want your business to fail because you have offended those people you are trying to sell your products to.