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Valentine’s Day Phrases in German
It’s the 14th of February, which is often referred to as Valentine’s Day. This is the day when new relationships are often formed and they come with the showering of chocolates, romantic dinners out at outstanding restaurants, freshly cut flowers presented to a woman favoured by a male and, for the lucky ones, the 1st kiss between newly formed partners which could last a lifetime.

Here are some Commonly used German Phrases

  • Genießen Sie Ihren Valentinstag which means in German English translation “Have an enjoyable Valentine’s Day!”
  • Haben Sie Pläne für den Valentinstag which means “what Valentine’s Day plans do you have?”
  • Möchtest du mein Valentin sein? This translated by a German English translator means, “I want you to be my Valentine.”
  • Gift giving is a feature of Valentine’s Day and there is an appropriate phrase for that which is “Hier ist ein Valentinstag-Karte”, which means in a German English translation “Here is a Valentine’s Day card.”
  • Ich habe Blumen für dich means “I have some flowers for you.”
  • When you have explored your new Valentine’s Day relationship further you may hear or use this phrase: “Ich habe dich lieben” which in a German English translation means “I do like you so much.” “Magst du mich?” or “Do you really like me?” is a possible response.

There are other Useful Phrases which Include :

  • Ich bin in dich verknallt which means “I have a crush on you.”
  • Du gehst mir nicht aus dem Kopf which means “I am unable to stop thinking about you all day long.”
  • Wollen wir irgendwann zusammen Abendessen gehen? when translated from German to English means: “Shall we go on a dinner date soon?”
  • Once your relationship has developed farther you could use the following expression which is “Du bist meine erste große Liebe” meaning, “You are really my true first love.” Another more in depth phrase is “Du bist so schön.” This means “You are very beautiful/handsome.”
  • If there is something serious developing between you, there is another flattering phrase which is “Es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick” meaning when translated by a German English translator “It is love at 1st sight.” An even deeper expression often used on Valentine’s Day is “Liebst du mich?” meaning “Do you really love me?”