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Germany’s modern capital is suffering from a problem many of its counterparts would envy. It has so many extraordinary works of modern art, it is having to build a new museum to hold them all. The decision was prompted after the city received a generous donation of paintings by modern icons such as Rothko, Magritte, Dahli, Ernst, Breton and Miro. The gift came from Ulla and Heiner Pietzsch – a couple who have become internationally known as art collectors. Valued at E150 million, it was decided that the collection was significant enough to merit a new home of its own rather than having it share space with paintings in the already full-to-bursting New National Gallery.

Australia has also produced a respectable share of modern artists, particularly in the 20th century, where many of her home-grown artists travelled abroad to make an international name for themselves. These include John Peter Russell, Hugh Ramsay and Rupert Bunny. Others devoted their attention to capturing their homeland, with works by Arthur Streeton and Hans Heysen aiming to capture the romantic and adventurous spirit of the country. These days, their works and many others, can be admired in museums and galleries throughout the country.

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