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Ask most people to name a food that’s popular in Germany and sausages would almost certainly top the list, probably followed by pretzels, pumpernickel and sauerkraut. While these foods are all both tasty and popular in Germany, there is one food that most Germans would rank above any other and that is asparagus.

Although Germany produces almost 10,000 tonnes of the vegetable each year (of which almost 60,000 tonnes is white asparagus), the popularity of this delicious vegetable is such that more needs to be imported. The asparagus season (April to June) is literally a time of celebration in Germany with many cities playing host to a Spargelfest (asparagus festival). In Schwetzingen the locals crown an Asparagus Queen, while in Nuremberg, speed is of the essence in the race to be crowned the region’s fasted asparagus peeler.

Those involved with agriculture in Germany might be attracted to the idea of transferring their knowledge and experience to Australia, which also has a significant agricultural industry. As well as skilled workers, there is also a need for people to help with the harvest each year. Enlisting the help of a skilled German NAATI translator will help to smooth the visa process.

White Asparagus