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Austrian attractions


There are many jokes about the Australian Tourist Board receiving enquiries about how to get tickets for the Spanish Riding School and other Austrian attractions. It’s hard to know how many of these jokes are grounded in truth; however, it is fair to say that Australia does have more cultural attractions than many people may realize.

The Sydney Opera House is famous worldwide, as much for its iconic architecture as for the performances it hosts. It may be the country’s most famous venue, but there are plenty of independent theatres hosting performances of equal quality as well as a vibrant live-music scene.

Melbourne, Victoria, would probably stake a strong claim to being Australia’s cultural capital and its artistic centre is Federation Square. Being in a country with an appealing climate, Melbourne is also a great place to see outdoor Art, particularly in its Docklands area. Those interested in Australia’s pre-colonial past should visit Melbourne Museum, the Koorie Heritage Trust or enjoy an Aboriginal Heritage Walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Those interested in the birth of modern Australia will find much to enjoy in Canberra. Although often overshadowed by Sydney, Canberra is a vibrant city and as it is home to Australia’s parliament, visitors have the opportunity to see how the modern state of Australia came to be through a visit to the Old Parliament House and then see how it currently works by watching a debate in the New Parliament House.

After visiting Australia as tourists, many people are interested in staying in the country on a longer-term basis. There is always a strong demand for German immigrants and those interested in making the move are likely to have a good chance of success, particularly if they ensure that their documentation is perfectly translated by an experienced translator.