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Does your organization produce a magazine, newspaper or newsletter? It doesn’t matter if it is an online version or whether it is produced in print, it can be valuable to have it translated accurately into German or any other language if you intend distributing it internationally.

Using a German translation service to translate magazine articles into the target language is essential if you are intent on getting your message across to a German-speaking population. It’s true that many German speakers are able to understand some English. It can be almost embarrassing to learn that some German speakers know almost as much English as the average Australian, but assuming that an article that you write in English is going to be read and understood by everyone you want to reach in Germany, Austria or Switzerland is unrealistic.

Some organizations take the lazy way out and resort to using one of the many Internet translators available freely online. However, these often substitute text word for word and seem to be almost gibberish when read by the person whose language it has been translated into. One way of proving this is to take a section of text from a German website or magazine (for example) and typing it into an online translator and see how it comes out in English! Sometimes, the translation is simply funny, at other times it can be frustratingly wrong.

If you have ever travelled overseas and picked up a travel brochure which has been kindly translated into English for you, you will find this sort of dreadful translation quite frequently. It’s a cheap way of translating, but doesn’t make business sense. If it turns you off, guess what sort of reception your articles would have if not translated properly themselves?

The way to avoid confusion and derision is to use a German NAATI translator. These translators are the only trusted translators used by the Australian government for good reason. German NAATI translators are certified and provide accurate translations from English into German or German into English for all your magazine, newspaper or newsletter articles that you want to distribute to a German-speaking audience.