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Australia’s a vast country, with a world of climates in it too. In fact, at 7,692,024 m2 it is 21.5 times larger than Germany and three-quarters of the size of the United States of America. It’s a popular destination for migrants who appreciate our unique style of life. This includes thousands of youngsters backpacking all over our country.

We pride ourselves on being an easy-going bunch of people. In fact, German backpackers with a half-decent phrasebook shouldn’t need our German translation services at all. Unless, that is the subject’s highly technical, in which case drop us an email and we’ll be delighted to assist you.

World News recently ran an article entitled “Australia: Dangerous for Backpackers?”. We don’t think it is, and it seems that neither do they either. In fact, a grab-sample of the over 15,000 young German people visiting Australia every year, confirmed that it’s a great place to visit, provided everybody uses common sense.

We’re also not surprised that young Germans target areas of our country that don’t just include our cities but also embrace our areas of great natural beauty too. And that’s Australia in a nutshell – friendly, vibey, natural and incredibly beautiful. You’ll even find German NAATI Translators at our offices in all major Australian cities.

Acknowledgments: The Climate Maps from Wikipedia. We found the Backpackers at Gap Year.