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If you intend studying in an overseas educational institution or apply for a job in another country you will need to show your educational credentials including degree certificates. If you are thinking of studying or working in a country where the official language spoken is different from your own, you will inevitably have to get a lot of your personal documents translated into that language including degree certificate translation. In many instances, you will be asked to provide certified translations of all your personal documents, although the exact requirements depend on which authority is assessing your documents.

The benefits of certified translation of degree certificates

In most cases, you will simply be requested to provide certified translations of degree certificates and other documents, but even if you are not specifically asked to provide certified translations there are very obvious benefits of doing so. It is rare for an authority to ask to see your original documents, although in some cases you may be asked to present your documents at a country’s embassy or consulate so that authenticity can be verified.

Certification is a common way of assurance that a certificate or other document is an accurate translation of the original. It is normally the translator or translation agency who certifies the translated document although sometimes the translation is taken to someone like a notary who notarises the translation after the translator makes a statement stating that it is an accurate translation of the original (actual words vary).

Certification means a better possibility of admission to an overseas educational institution

It is not sensible just to send a copy of your degree certificate to an educational institution and expect that they will understand what the degree is for and whether it is authentic or not. This is why your university degree certificate translation is so important. The translated copy provides information about the degree(s) you have obtained in the language you are going to study in and allows the institution’s admissions board to assess whether it meets their criteria for admission. Certification adds a degree of authenticity to the translation and assures those officials assessing your certificates that the translated copy is accurate and all information you had on your original certificate is presented on the translated copy.

Certification needed for approval by a foreign immigration authority

Normally, unless you are intending to study or work in a country that has reciprocal study and employment rights with your own country (such as is the case within the European Union, for example) you will need to convince that country’s immigration authorities that you meet the criteria they set for a study or work visa. Part of the requirement is assessment of your educational qualifications. This assessment is usually additional to any assessment by an educational institution and / or employer. Degree certificate translations are often automatically required to be accompanied by a certificate signed by the translator to confirm their authenticity.

Authenticate your academic credentials by hiring the services of a translation agency that provides certified translation services

Even if it is not specifically requested, it pays to ask your translator or translation agency to certify the translations of your degree certificates and all other personal documents requested. It saves time getting these document translations certified as soon as they have been completed rather than have to go back to the translator weeks later when your documents have been rejected by a foreign assessment body because they are not confident of their authentication. All reputable professional translation agencies will provide a certified degree certificate translation service.