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Whether you are German business intent on marketing your goods in Australia or a German migrating to Australia you will require all relevant documents to be translated from German to English so they can be read by your targeted audience in Australia. At Dammann German Translations you can expect the best translation for your documents that you will find anywhere in Australia.
 Best German to English Translators

Our Translators are NAATI Accredited

Key government and other organisations in Australia will only accept German to English translations provided by NAATI accredited translators. NAATI stands for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. This is the highest accrediting authority in Australia and only accredits translators after they have successfully completed a challenging exam. All our translations are accepted by the Department of Immigration and Border Control, which is the agency that oversees the issuing of all visas. Not all translation services in Australia have built up such a good relationship with government authorities as we at Dammann Translations have.
Apart from our reputation, the service we offer our clients far exceeds any of our competitors. For example, if you need a German NAATI accredited translator we can offer a free quote immediately after we have received your documents. Once you have agreed to hire us for your German translation needs we can return your documents translated within 24 hours.

Examples of Documents we Regularly Translate

Because of our reputation for providing much sought after NAATI accredited translators we get many requests for German to English translations for the Department of Immigration and Border Control. This includes birth certificates, marriage certificates, degree and diploma certificates, police clearance certificates and medical certificates which require German to English translations.

We Offer Certified Translations

We have so much confidence in what we do that we offer certified translations in addition to providing highly qualified NAATI accredited translators. This is in both German to English translations and English to German translations. Our translators are so competent that they are prepared to certify their translations, which is an added guarantee that they are accurate. In addition, we are so sure our translations are the best that we use the NAATI issued stamp on all our translations. You will not find many Australian translation services as good as that.

Confidentiality is something we Consider Essential

With all the worries today of unscrupulous individuals stealing identities and hacking into others social media and email accounts we offer a confidential translation service so your documents are only available to be viewed by our selected translators. We never leave translation files on our desktops for anyone to see and we constantly remind our translators to keep all files safe. You can trust us with your confidential documents, which ensures you get a good night’s sleep.

Why we should be your Chosen Translation Service

● Not everyone wants to deal with the impersonal nature of a large translation company. That is what we are not. We are a successful medium-sized translation agency with 9 German translators on our books who are all NAATI accredited.
● We are available 24/7 so you will not experience even a moment’s delay when responding to your email. Even if it is already late into the night your quote will be sent out to you so we can get started on your German to English or English to German translations at the shortest notice.
● If in the unlikely event of you are not completely happy with a translation we will work through the problem with you until we are all happy and we will not charge you for any revisions that need to be made to the translation
● We have built up an enviable reputation for high-quality German translations since we entered the industry 11 years ago. All our translation work is done by a team of translators who have decades of translation experience under their belts.

Follow our Instructions and you will be Pleased you Chose Us

● Scan or photograph your document
● Send it to us by email or upload on our website
● You will receive a quote any time of day and even late into the night
● We offer flexible payment options either by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer whatever is most convenient for you
● Once completed we will email your translations immediately

Don’t delay and get your translations to us today. You will not regret choosing Dammann German Translations and we have the testimonials to prove it.