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Best German Translator Apps

There are some obvious pros and cons when using translator apps which are as follows:


    • You can access an immediate solution to a German word you do not know
    • A reliable German translation app offers pronunciation help using audio
    • Provides the reassurance that when miscommunication could take place this can be resolved in a matter of seconds
    • Many translation apps are free so you can use them as often as you like and where you like


    • Becoming dependent on using translation apps for everything, means less speaking occurs with others
    • Even with the best app the translation will never be 100 percent accurate. This elevates the risk of learning German incorrectly
    • Impossible to become familiar with German slang and any other more casual sounding words which have been localized into German

The 7 of the best apps to translate German to English, or any other languages you speak:

  1. TripLingo

TripLingo is suitable for the business traveller or frequent travellers who are seeking a useful app. The language part of the app provides a translator and a basic vocab list, and much more so it can help you to survive.

  1. Google Translate

Most people have probably heard of Google Translate, as it is available throughout the world. It is considered to be a very reliable translation app and is particularly useful for Android phone owners.

  1. iTranslate

For simple conversations that need to be translated iTranslate is an option for you. As well as the translation tool it can be used to take photos using your camera. A few users claim the voice tool can perform instant translations with anyone out on the street.

  1. Microsoft Translator

When one thinks of Microsoft, there is no reason to think about translation tools. Recently the business has expanded its footprint into anything you would like to imagine. Microsoft Translate says it is good for group conversations because by using text and speech, you may translate instantly group conversations.

  1. Proz Forums

Proz Forums is not actually a translation app, but you are able to sieve through thousands of both questions and answers for German that have been asked before. Because the questions are answered using humans and most often native German speakers, you may gain an insight into a few slang words.

  1. Ultralingua

Many translation apps are free but there are some that need to be paid for. This basic app doesn’t cost anything but you will have to pay to add-on the German translation tool. The app’s database provides more than 250,000 useful terms that can be searched. 

  1. iTranslate Voice 2 

iTranslate Voice is a voice-only app coming from iTranslate. The app provides the following:

    • Voice translations
    • Phrasebooks
    • Transcripts

They can be exported or shared. The voice feature does exist in the iTranslate app, but it only provides the basic version. The app demands a fee that only has to be paid for once.

It doesn’t matter what stage you are in your German learning voyage, just having a dependable translator is always a useful acquisition.