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Nurturing Your Credibility

Global movement of people around the world may have taken a hit because of restrictions imposed on travel due to Covid-19, but this hasn’t really affected many businesses that are attempting to expand their sphere of operation overseas. Goods are still being transported internationally. The presence of the Internet means that communication, marketing, sale of goods and financial transactions can take place in the current pandemic.


Choosing the Right Translation Service

For most businesses that are contemplating expansion outside of their normal national borders, the main limitation is that of language. Consumers who are searching for things to buy online will inevitably prefer browsing websites that are in their own language before any other language.

Basically, a business that is intending selling goods overseas must at least have a multilingual website advertising its products and providing an online method through which international customers can pay for goods, find out information and seek product support if necessary. Marketing the business’s products overseas, assuming that the business has no physical presence apart from its own base, will be a mixture of website creation, SEO and product manual translation as a bare minimum. All of this demands the use of a professional business translation service.

Some big companies and corporations will have an in-house translation team which will be used for all its own translation needs, but generally, most smaller companies will use a translation agency or even an individual freelance translator to do their professional translation for them. It makes sense to take time to choose the best translation agency for your own specific needs. Once you have worked with a translation agency successfully, then the relationship will probably be a long term one.

Translators tend to specialize in their particular skills so there are specialized business translators, legal translators, scientific translators, literary translators and so on. Obviously you will be looking for a translation agency that specializes in business translation, or at least has business translators employed as part of the make-up of its team. You will also want to make sure that the translators you use have expertise in the languages you need to be translated.

This is why a translation agency tends to be a better choice than looking for individual freelancers. Translators at a single agency will offer different languages but will share common technology, rates of pay and other conditions of service such as time for delivery, proofreading standards, etc.


Range of Services Provided by Business Translators

The following is a list of the sorts of translation services provided by business translators:


  • Ad campaigns
  • Annual Reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Brochures
  • Business Reports & plans
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Websites
  • Financial Documents
  • Human Resources Documents
  • Income statements
  • Insurance documents
  • Private and public offerings
  • Prospectuses

Note that you are looking more to translate your marketing and sales pitch you need to make sure that the business translators you use are familiar with this side of business translation and are sensitive to cultural nuances when translating marketing messages.


Avoid Free Internet Translation Tools

One of the most common mistakes that businesses intending to expand their business internationally make is to save the cost of professional translators and use one or another of the widely available computerized translation tools. These tools are fine for amateur use, but in their current stage of development are unsuitable for serious business translation In fact, because of their shortcomings liberal use of something like Google Translate, despite the attraction of being basically free, is that it can do more harm than good.