Business Translations Need to be in Key Languages for the Next Century

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With the rise in ecommerce companies, more and more products are being sold on the international market. Product description translations are required in order to meet international demand. These are not traditional German English translations but translations of languages that are more recent arrivals into global markets.

In earlier days there were certain specific languages that might need translations for products such as Spanish and French. Today the most common languages used in business translations are Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. These two languages are written by more than a billion people throughout the world as well as being the two main written languages of the world’s most populated nation. Most people do prefer to use Simplified Chinese but at the moment there is a trend towards using Traditional Chinese in its written form too.

China’s economic growth is accelerating at a rate more than anywhere in the world, which means the money that Chinese are making is turning them into big consumers too. Their changing consumption patterns are opening up potential selling opportunities for businesses throughout the rest of the world. At the same time the country has a large source of cheap labour meaning it’s great for other countries to tap into when it comes to outsourcing their manufacturing requirements whether its office services or production services.

Most consumers these days in other countries are offered goods made in China because low manufacturing costs means manufacturing companies get their products made in China which are distributed throughout the world and can make substantially more profit than producing them on their own country.

Arabic translations are starting to become more common than German English translation services because of the software made available to help businesses translate product and marketing information. This doesn’t mean a competent translator can’t be used in the translations too.

As Latin American countries become wealthier so has the demand for business document translation services as there are products to be sold and products to be sought. Much of this interaction takes place on the global market and Spanish has to be translated to engage with the languages of the world economy and vice versa. Hindi too is a favoured language as there are more than 500 million people who speak this language, many of whom reside in India which has become known as a centre for outsourcing. Good communication in Hindi means better outcomes for business ventures and more work for good German English translation services.