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A recent collaboration between U.S. company Sub-Zero & Wolf and German artist Christian Awe has brought a whole new level of meaning to the phrase “Cool as ice”.

Sub-Zero & Wolf are famous for their premium home appliances, which grace the homes of many celebrities and enlisted Awe’s help to make some of their fridges even more special by turning them into works of art (which also keep food cool).  The results carry a price tag of E64K, making them the most expensive fridges in the world.

Only 10 of them were made, partly to keep them unique and partly because each of them required a significant amount of physical work as well as creativity. Stainless steel is not designed as a painting surface and so each fridge required about 2 weeks of preparation before painting could even start. Once the surface was ready, the different painting materials were applied by hand and then worked with pebbles to achieve the desired result.

The fridges are currently on display, not in an art gallery but in Hamburg’s Alserhaus department store, so they can be admired by those without the budget to buy them. It’s too early to say where they will eventually end up. Perhaps some will come to Australia, possibly with one of the many Germans who make the move each year. If so a German NAATI translator will help to make sure they clear customs without losing their cool.