Can Human Translators ever be Replaced by Machine Translators?

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Translation from German to English by professional German translators is considered to be clearer, more accurate and solid than any form of machine translation. Machine translation can be effective when used wisely. Sooner or later it may well dominate the German English translation and the English German translation as it does have some widely known benefits such as:

Speed – as a translation software has the capability of translating at least 17 words each second or 61,200 words each hour. A human translator even in a professional capacity can only handle 650 words each hour.

Consistency is used by a machine translator so any term that is used in a text will be translated the same.

Cost effectiveness is another benefit of a machine German English translation but if it’s the perfect translation you want saving money with a machine translation won’t give you a clear, complete, and accurate translation.

Human translation can do what machine translation can’t
Experts in German English translation & English German translation agree that a human translator only has the ability to interpret ethnic, cultural and regional aspects from one language to another. Also, a professional German translator has a greater understanding of the different linguistic, cultural and semantic aspects that contribute to providing a rich and fuller meaning of a text, such as if a text is supposed to be formal or friendly, comical or serious or if the readership is educated or is aimed at a less educated audience. A human German translator knows who the target audience is for a translated text and knows the type of language most appropriate for that audience while a machine translation is not aware of such subtleties.

Anyone who needs a German translation of a diagnosis of a serious illness or is facing a court appearance and needs a translator to put across certain bits of information a human German translator will offer a far better translation than any machine translation. Where factual information is required such as in the translating of scientific documents often a machine translation is sufficient.

Currently, machine translators have been unable to take over completely from the human German translator but it remains to be seemed what the future is, depending on how machine translation moves forward.