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It’s now official.  This winter has been the darkest inGermanysince records began (over 60 years ago).  Even though we’re now on track for Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, Germany is also set to get a whole lot colder before it starts to warm up again.

While Germany shivers, Australia is at the beach.  Even though Australia will be going through its Winter when Germanyis having its Summer, Winters in Australia tend to be far more agreeable.  There is plenty of snow in certain parts of the country, so those who enjoy Winter sports will still be able to participate.

It’s little wonder that many Germans are taking holidays in Australia to enjoy some sunshine.  Some Germans are thinking of moving to Australia permanently (or at least on a long-term basis) to take advantage of the weather and the many opportunities for work and leisure.

Snowy Bench

Australia always has a warm welcome for visitors and as its economy is strong, skilled workers from overseas are very much needed.  Of course, moving to any country always involves some degree of paperwork and its best to have a qualified German NAATI translator to help make sure it’s all processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.