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There are certain key details that a German certificate contains that define what a German birth certificate looks like and the birth certificate translation must look the same as the original birth certificate.

Description of a German Birth Certificate Translation

In English, a German birth certificate translation is called a Certificate of Descent. This is the title found at the top of a German translated birth certificate. Following this on the first line is the name of the Registry Office in the German city where the person’s birth was registered. The second line contains the number of birth at that registry office. The third line is the name of the person and his or her gender. The fourth line is left blank. The fifth line contains the date, month and year of the birth. The sixth line states which place the birth took place in Germany.

Following a blank line are the details of the parents of the child. This includes both parents with the father’s full name coming first plus the full name of the mother. The following two lines include the parents’ religious denomination and the town which they resided in at the time and date of the birth. There is a two line space following this information which is set aside for any changes to the birth entry that need to be made.
The next line is taken up by the date in full of the issuance of the birth certificate.
At the bottom of the birth certificate translation are the words “The Register,’’ followed by his or her signature.
The final entry includes the Registry office’s seal and the place and province in Germany where the Registry can be found.
If it’s a birth certificate translation the certification of the translation is typed in at the bottom of the translation and states the following:
This is to certify that the foregoing English text is a true and correct translation prepared by___________________ (name of translator) professional NAATI accredited translation. NAATI No.______________ The source documents are on the subsequent pages.
The final text of the birth certificate translation should include the full name and address of the translation service that provided the translation.
The name of the translation services can also be found at the top of the translated birth certificate document.