Did you know these things about Germany?

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What do you know about Germany except that you have to use a German English translator to translate your documents from English into German? Germany has had a great influence on the world economy, its religion, science and politics and continues to do so. It’s not surprising how important a German translation service is, considering the importance of Germany on the world stage.

Germany now has more people living within its borders than any other European country with the exception of Russia. 82 million people live in Germany, although an astonishing 15 million of them are not of German descent – nearly 20%. Half of this number do not actually hold German citizenship and are officially classified as residents.

Despite the number of non native German speakers in the country, more people speak German as their first language than any other nation in Europe. In the past, many Germans migrated overseas and are an important ethnic group in a number of countries, principally the United States, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay and Australia. They have taken their language, cuisine and culture with them. Nearly a quarter of American citizens claim at least a partial descent from a German ancestor.

Germany is an economic powerhouse which means that there is a constant demand for German NAATI translators in Australia. Germany had just over a trillion dollars worth of exports last year and was the world’s largest exporter of goods, especially motor cars and chemicals. Germany produces more cars than any other country except Japan and is the world’s second largest manufacturer of chemicals employing over 80,000 people within Germany and involving over 40 joint ventures overseas. The department store, Kaufhaus Des Westen (Ka De We) is reportedly the world’s largest in floor area while Lufthansa flies more passengers on its international flights than any other airline.

Germany has had a huge influence on the arts and sciences over the centuries. Many well known composers were German including Bach, Beethoven and Strauss. So were many well known philosophers, including Kant, Hagel and Schoppenhauer. A good number of inventions have their origin in Germany. This includes such widely varied items as the clarinet, the jet engine, the Walkman and the calculator.

Germany has also exerted an important influence on world politics. While still best known for the effect of Nazism in the twentieth century, it can be credited with having the world’s first Green party, Die Grünen, which was also the first Green party to share power in government. In environmental matters, Germany is a world leader in wind and solar power generation and in recycling. In fact, the word “ecology” was coined by a German in 1933: Ernst Haeckel, even though the root of the word is in fact Greek!