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Australians visiting Europe in the merry month of May often get very enthusiastic about the festival of glitz, kitsch and occasional good music that is the Eurovision Song Contest.

While it’s quite possible that at least a part of their enthusiasm is due to the fact that in pretty much all countries across Europe, the event is seen as the excuse for an exuberant party, with partygoers typically being asked to dress up in their own interpretation of the national dress of one of the participating countries and encouraged to sing along with the entrants. Copious amounts of alcohol are usually provided to help loosen the vocal chords.

Germany has had varied fortunes at the Eurovision, winning it in 2010 with the hugely successful song Satellite, but coming a disappointing 21st this year. Fortunately for Germany (and the UK), they are guaranteed entry into next year’s contest. The fact that there’s nothing like the Eurovision Song Contest in Australia (or indeed anywhere else in the world) may be a sign that sometimes something is just untranslatable. Fortunately, those planning a trip to Australia for whatever reason can employ a German NAATI translator to make sure that the visa process is not one of them.

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