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Facts about german
If you want to be a German translator in Sydney it may not be necessary to have any formal qualifications as a translator unless you are trying to find work in court interpretation and for this, you will need to undertake a special course and get certified. Qualifications may, of course, help you to get a better job with better pay. If you want to get involved in government translations you will need NAATI certification.

Language Proficiency as a Translator

Fluency in three to four languages are often normal for translators but fluency in two is absolutely essential. Experts say that it is just about impossible to be solidly fluent in more than four languages. Much of gaining fluency in additional languages is the time spent studying the languages of interest. Life is simply not long enough to find the time to be fluent in any more.

Where do Translators Work?

There are many ways a competent English German translator can get work, from working as a freelancer getting work contracts through online job centres or by distributing business cards to working with other German translators through a translation company. There are also jobs in the TV and movie industries subtitling and dubbing. Students who have completed translation degrees don’t always end up as translators. Some will enter the tourism industry while others will find jobs at language schools.

Is German Translation a Worthwhile Career?

In terms of variety, translation work can sometimes be monotonous especially if the job entails similar translation work day in day out. The pay isn’t as good as it should be due to the rise of the internet as a way of accessing a variety of translation services. This really means you have to outstrip your competitors not so much by lowering your rates but by offering a quality service that other translators have difficulty providing.
Strange as it seems, but English to German and German to English are the most common combinations needing translations. The top reason for this trend is the demand for international information to be exchanged between German and English-speaking nations. The particular interest is in engineering, world politics and technology. So if you are one of the best German translators there may very well be some openings for you.