Flying to new heights

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If Japan is the land of the high-speed train and the U.S. is the land of the car, then Australia is the land of the plane. The light aircraft makes the vast distances of the outback manageable, while the larger-scale, trans-continental aircraft links Australia with the rest of the world.

Given Australia’s geographical isolation, it’s hardly surprising that the country has embraced technologies which shrink the world. Australians are avid users of the internet and are constantly looking for ways to improve anything related to communication and transport.

Consequently engineers are always in demand, with home-grown talent being supplemented with international professionals. Perhaps some of the record-breaking engineering students from the University of Technology in Braunschweig, Lower Saxony will make their way there at the end of their studies. They recently flew their way into the Guinness World Records by launching the world’s biggest paper plane (with an 18-metre wing span) off a 2.4 metre-high platform, located, appropriate enough, in the local airport. While its 18-metre flight was rather too short for commercial use, the experience gained will no doubt be invaluable to them in their future careers, wherever they choose to go.

If they choose to go to Australia, they will hopefully enlist the help of a German NAATI translator to help them have a smooth journey into the country.