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Key Industries for a German Translation

  1. Scientific and Medical Translations

In many countries today, there are significant numbers of people who have emigrated from other countries. This means that even though the language of the new country still comes first, immigrants bring with them a whole host of documents from their country of origin, such as medical reports and patient records. These will need to be translated into the language of their host country so that they can be used effectively by the medical professionals.
Additionally, healthcare providers, in for example Germany, when assisting new immigrants will gain from hiring a German translation service to perform a German translation of useful medical information such as prescription and drug information and services offered into languages of the migrants so that the information can be more easily understood.
Medical translations are also useful for pharmaceutical companies that wish to market their pharmaceuticals to countries such as Germany and will need to hire one of the professional translation services to provide an accurate translation of their drugs.

  1. Banking and Financial Services

Businesses to do with the banking and financial industries are out to attract new customers just like any other industry. For this to be a success overseas it is necessary to ensure that all the institution’s information is translated into the languages of the countries they wish to target. This includes any forms that need completing, a description of how money can be transferred and accessed and any other financial documents that contain information that a new client will need to know about the banking or financial institution.

  1. Information Technology

The information technology industry is here to stay globally whether it involves the marketing of software or hardware in Germany or other countries and many companies who produce this technology are always keen to go global but they need to ensure all their products are translated into the languages of their intended market. This means a US company wants to sell its products in Germany will need a good German translation service in order to attract customers.

  1. Travel and Tourism

Companies involved in the travel and tourism industries rely heavily on German tourists whether it’s to nearby locations such as the Canary Islands or more exotic destinations such as the Maldives and they need to get all their promotional leaflets and brochures translated into the German language by a competent German English translator. If a packaged tour is being marketed the terms and condition of the tour need to be translated accurately into German using professional translation services.