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There are many ways of finding fame, but YouTube is consistently popular with people looking to find an audience for their talents. German teenager Fritz Wagner has recently become an internet sensation after singing a traditional German song about his love of dumplings and posting a video of his performance on YouTube. It’s already reached over 2.5 million hits and resulted in Fritz Wagner being offered a recording contract and compared to Justin Bieber.

Australia has enjoyed its fair share of musical success over recent years. While the country’s best-know musical export arguably remains their iconic sex-thimble Kylie, there are plenty of other musical options to enjoy.

Kylie’s former partner Michael Hutchence of INXS is still remembered and admired by music fans the world over. Although INXS have announced the official end of their long career, their legacy will live on in a string of hits, including the celebrated “Original Sin”.

Olivia Newton-John has been a global icon since the 1970s and will always be remembered for her role as Sandy, the Australian girl struggling to adapt to life in the U.S. in Grease. New arrivals in Australia will probably find it much easier to adapt, particularly if they employ the services of a German NAATI translator to make sure their paperwork is in order before arrival.