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Funny German Insults and Swear
Often, when people start to learn a new language like German they are keen to know what common German insults and words there are in that new language. Many of these German insults and expressions are made up of compound words. They are not always easy to get right because just a single letter could change the meaning.

Fifteenth of the best German Insults List

● The first word on the German insult’s list is Arschgeige this means in the literal sense ass, violin or refers to a person who is unable to do something well.
● The second word is Arschkriecher which literally refers to a brown noser, ass crawler or even an ass kisser. In its feminine form, it is Arschkriecherin
● The third word for Deutsch German insults is Bananenbieger which has a literal meaning of banana bender who is someone who takes part in a pointless job or somebody who isn’t getting anywhere in life and ends up taking on meaningless work. In the feminine form, it’s Bananenbiegerin.
● The fourth German swear words and insults is Erbsenzähler which means pea counter or someone who tends to complain about even the smallest thing and goes as far as paying attention to even the most meaningless of details. Put more simply it’s someone who nitpicks the feminine version is Erbenzählerin.
● The fifth German insults in English is Gehirnverweigerer which means brain denier or brain which is someone who doesn’t want to use his or her brain. Verweigerer can also be used and if someone refuses to take part in Facebook, he or she is a Facebook-Verweigerer.
● The sixth funny German swear words and insults include Hosenscheisser which literally means trouser shitter, coward or loser. It’s sometimes written as Hosenscheißer. The feminine version is Hosenscheisserin.
● The seventh-word German insult phrases are Hundesohn which literally means son of a dog. It isn’t quite as rude as hurensohn, which means son of a bitch. Hundetochter is the feminine version and means daughter of a dog. Hurentochter is also a bitch’s daughter.
● The eighth funny rude insults are kotzbrocken which means a pile of puke. This could be used with someone you feel is contemptible. The German Insult Phrases Der Kotzbrocken was once used as a comedy movie title viewed in 2015 on German TV. The same word is used for both masculine and feminine.
● The ninth word is Pissflitsche which is a funny German swear word which means a sponge used for cleaning up piss from public toilet floors. It can also be used as one of the German insult words for a disgusting and unpleasant person.
● The tenth funniest German insults in English is Pissnelke which means quite literally nerd, carnation or piss. That’s certainly a number of different meanings for the same word.
● The eleventh of the German Insults on the German insults list is the word rotzlöffel which has a literal meaning of brat or not.

The list of German Swears Words and Insults wouldn’t be Complete without the Last Three in the List of 15.

● The twelfth is Schlappschwanz which literally means being relaxed or lazy tail. The word Schwanz is typically used as the name for the cock. The compound word Schlappschwanz means a cock that’s limp. Germans often use the word when insulting one another using the meaning wuss or wimp, or you are a quitter, a pansy or a coward.
● Number 13 is Speichellecker which means saliva licker. The feminine word is Speichelleckerin. Also, Germans have up their sleeves several synonyms for the word, including: Schmeichler, Schleimer, Duckmãuser, Lakai, Schleimscheißer, Kriecher, and Steigbügelhalter.
● The fourteenth German insults in English is the word Stinkstiefel meaning grouch or smelly boot.
● Last but not least of the German swear words and insults is Tratschtante which literally means blabbermouth, gossip-aunt, gossipmonger or rumourmonger.

Translation and German Funny Insults in English

When it comes to translating German to English an expert translator is required when translating funny German swear words and insults. This is because the true meaning of the phrase or word could be lost in translation if the translator just slips up on one single word by misspelling it.

Funny Rude Insults in German on YouTube

There is one Youtube production called ‘DontTrustTheRabbit’ which features English funny rude insults in a particular order which is chatterboxes, stupid people, losers, annoying women, dogs, unattractive outward appearance, annoying children, dogs and animals.
There is also a YouTuber, called Maebbie, which has actually put together a video which he calls ‘Learn German Insults’. The app he has used to create it is called Memrise.
This is a specialised app and website which can be used to learn a language and is based on mnemonics which concentrates on helping the learner to remember to remember new words and expressions including German insult words and German insult phrases.
If you are living in Germany this app adds interest to your learning because it includes so many funny German swear words and German insults.


If you live and work in Germany you need to fully immerse yourself in the German language so that you are widely accepted both at work and in your leisure environment. There is no better way of doing this than learning German insult words and German insult phrases. It breaks the ice and helps you to become part of everyday German life.