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Changes in the law in both Germany and the Australian Capital Territory have affected the way birth certificates are recorded – but for different reasons. Birth certificates are extremely important legal documents and are required for a number of reasons, including immigration and citizenship applications. It is important to get your birth certificate translated by an officially recognised German translation service if your birth certificate was issued in Germany.

The change in the law in Germany now recognises a small minority of people who are born with genitals and / or chromosomes belonging to both male and female. In the past, they had to be recorded as either a boy or a girl, but now they can be recorded as gender ‘X’ if this is requested by the parents. This has not yet been extended to German passports but probably soon will be.

In Australia, transgender people can choose to have their gender recorded as ‘X’ on their Australian passport, and now the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) has passed legislation allowing transgender residents of the territory to officially change their birth certificates to gender ‘X’.

While these changes in both countries do allow more social inclusion they will have little impact on the vast majority of people but it does show how important birth certificates are and why the information on them needs to be translated correctly by a good German English translator.

All birth certificates issued in a language other than English need to be translated by an official NAATI accredited translator such as a German translator Brisbane before they can be used for official application purposes here in Australia. The certificate contains legally important information about you – not just your gender, but the date of birth, parents’ names, place of birth and so on. Mistakes – even small ones – can lead to delays or even a cancellation of an application.