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German-speaking people have had a long association with Australia. Many have migrated to Australia over the years for a number of different reasons and have established important communities in many parts of the island continent, but especially in South Australia and Victoria. It is little wonder that the strong connections between Australia and the German-speaking world mean that a German translation service is well used. Of course, it is important whenever translating material to or from German that a German NAATI translator is the preferred choice.

The last Australian census was in 2011 and it recorded 108,000 residents of the country who were born in Germany. In the same year, only around 15,000 Australian citizens were living in Germany. The statistics probably under-represent the numbers of German speakers in Australia because it excludes those from other European nations like Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein, all of which have sizeable minority German-speaking populations. Also, these statistics don’t reveal how many Australian citizens in Germany had been born in that country originally.

The figures are even more demonstrative of the importance of the German connection in Australia when the number of Australian residents who consider they have someone of German ancestry in their family is taken into account. Nearly 900,000 residents questioned in the census said that they had at least one German speaker in their ancestry.

Three in four people who were born in Germany speak German at home, so presumably, their children are growing up in a bilingual world, too. This is great for these children, of course, because it gives them a window on at least two worlds and allows them to visit any German-speaking country and communicate easily. Whenever there is a need for a German English translator, whether it is to translate business, legal or migration documents there is a large number of Australians that are able to fit the requirements for a NAATI translator in this country.
The numbers of German speakers here in Australia mean that German is the eighth most widely spoken language after English, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Vietnamese, Spanish and Filipino (Tagalog) in that order.
Many Australians and visitors from abroad associate places like the Barossa Valley in South Australia with the Australian German community, but in fact, German speakers have been making Australia home ever since 1788, although the reasons for migration have changed through the ages.