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German–English interpreter services in Australia

Do you require a German–English interpreter on site anywhere in Australia or on the phone? If so, we can help. Our panel of NAATI-credentialed German–English interpreters can assist you in a broad variety of legal, medical, technical, and general business settings.

German business interpreting

We can facilitate your business communication over the phone or on site, at business conferences, meetings, and trade shows. Or maybe you’re expecting a high-profile overseas visitor with limited English skills and need a bilingual professional to accompany them. Whether it’s an ongoing need for a native German speaker or just a single phone call, we can assist you 24/7. Principal Chris Dammann has interpreted for celebrities, athletes, and executives since 2008.

German legal interpreting

Many of our clients are solicitors who have German-speaking clients. We can interpret in court, during hearings and at trial, in an office setting or over the phone. Matters we commonly work on are civil (IP disputes, wills and estates, building defects, etc.) and criminal (narcotics, terrorism, property crimes, etc.).

German medical interpreting

We facilitate in medical settings whenever one party’s command of English is insufficient to be 100% certain that they understand everything that is said. Another area of expertise is personal injury cases where we facilitate communication during medical assessments, solicitor–client meetings and settlement negotiations as well as at trial.

How to organise a German–English interpreter

We provide German–English interpreting services Australia-wide, on the phone and on-site. To get started, please send us an email or submit the contact form.

You need to let us know the following details:

  • When you need an interpreter
  • Where you need an interpreter
  • What sort of setting the interpreter will work in (courtroom, hospital, conference, boardroom, etc.)

Based on the information you provide, we will select the most suitable German–English interpreter and respond to you with a free quote immediately. Interpreter rates vary depending on the required skill levels, the duration, and travel requirements. We will explain this in detail in our quotation

Our experienced senior interpreters can translate both consecutively and simultaneously:

  • In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter translates after the speaker has finished.
  • In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter translates while the speaker continuously speaks. This is typically facilitated with sound-proof booths, microphones, and earphones and is used during large conferences with participants from different countries. Interpreters who take on such projects are also called conference interpreters.

All our interpreters are experienced bilingual professionals and are perfect for legal, medical, and general business settings.

Getting a German–English interpreter services – how it’s done

German English interpreter


I just wanted to let you know that I’ve received the translated document and wanted to thank you for completing the translation so quickly. I’m very happy with the result, it looks fantastic and is translated perfectly.

Deborah Nelson


Chris translated some documents for my Victorian teaching application. His service was very reliable, fast, and he beat several other quotes I had obtained. Communication was easy and quick. I would definitely use him again and can therefore recommend Dammann German-English Translations.

Julika, Hamburg


Today, I have checked and read all the translated documents you have sent me. It is superb and very professional work and I appreciate it very much. Thank you so much for the translations of my documents.

Annemarie Limacher

Lake Munmorah

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