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Germany is Australia’s second-biggest trade partner in terms of the value of goods and services which are sold to that country. Germany is one of the world’s economic powerhouses and understanding what makes Germany and the Germans tick is vital for maintaining Australian German economic, cultural, social and sporting ties.
Learn German
What might be less appreciated is the size of the German-speaking community in Australia. This community has been part of wider Australian society since the nineteenth century.
Australia is also a popular place for Germans to visit on vacation.
For these and many other reasons, there is a lot going for those who wish to learn the German language and even take up German translation in Australia as a career path.
Learning German is a step towards appreciating German culture. The German language is the language of famous musicians, scientists, artists and philosophers. Bach, Beethoven, Goethe, Kafka and Mozart were all German speakers.
There are many opportunities to study, work and smart travel in Germany. If you are young you can take advantage of reciprocal working holiday visas available for use in Germany and if you are of working age, you may find employment in Germany with a work visa. In either case, you would be expected to have mastered German sufficiently well to do the job you are interested in doing.
German translation in Australia is a useful and attractive career path. German English translators will find they are in demand for business communication, translating the many medical, technical and scientific documents from German to English and vice versa and facilitating the important German tourist market in Australia.
If you are really interested in taking up a career in German translation in Australia it would certainly be an advantage to have spent time living and working in a German-speaking country. That means Germany itself, as well as Austria, parts of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. There are many different regional dialects in these countries although all children learn standard German in school.
As well as actually real live experience in a German-speaking country there are many other ways of enriching your German language expertise. There is German literature and music. There is a plethora of online websites in German where you can practice your level of understanding in just about any topic or field of interest that suits you. The more you communicate with native German speakers, the faster you will learn the language.