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German Translation for the Large German Market
You may be surprised to know that German is spoken by more than 100 million people in Europe alone and it is one of the official languages in not only Germany but Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland too. It is also widely spoken in Slovakia, Denmark and the Czech Republic. Some African countries have German speakers, including Togo, Namibia and South Africa. German speakers can be found in North American countries and some South American countries such as Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Because there are so many German speakers in the world it is important to get a German translation for your business’s products so that German speakers can understand how to use them.
German uses twenty-six letters in the Latin alphabet. German language spelling is based on its pronunciation. In German, almost all the vowels are pronounced clearly. In recent decades though words have been added to the German dictionary which have foreign origins. These words are referred to as “fremdwörter”, and are normally represented with their foreign spelling and have not been “Germanised”. This means they are not necessarily pronounced phonetically but the pronunciation of the foreign word is used. There are some loan words in German like Kindergarten and Zeitgeist which are no longer translated into other languages but just become part of those languages. A good German translator is needed to undertake your company’s translations as he or she will be familiar with the correct word usages and whether loan words in either language need to be translated.
As well as its unique linguistic characteristics German culture has a distinct flavour too which only a good German translation services provider will understand so as a business the only way you can successfully gain entry to the German market is to ensure your German translation is done by someone who not only knows the language well but also has much exposure to the German culture. By choosing a good translation service your business will be exposing its products to a market that few other businesses have done. You will see your profits grow more than ever before and you won’t look back when you find you are winning more customers than your competitors and you are a leading global company.