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Germany is well known around the world for the quality of its automotive industry, particularly in relation to the quality of its engineering.

From the Asian countries to South and North America, German cars are recognised for their class and quality. They are particularly cherished for their innovation, safety, reliability, and design. Germany has the cream of the automotive market both in terms of production and sales. It has a highly specialised and well-qualified workforce that is able to work as a team in providing cars that people want.

Translation Industry

Because of Germany being internationally recognised companies know how important it is to develop cutting-edge automotive technology that addresses the demand for the type of mobility that will be required in the future.

It’s been 25 years since the automobile was invented and Germany today leads the way. World demand for German vehicles remains stronger than ever. 75 percent of German-produced cars are exported.

Translation in the Automotive Industry

As with all industries translation, specialists for the automobile industry are essential in order to spread the word about Germany’s high-quality vehicles. Each new vehicle needs a handbook to help the owner understand how the vehicle works and the routine maintenance programme that’s needed to keep the vehicle in top condition. Germany exports its cars all over the world so that means all handbooks need to be translated into hundreds of languages by translators from automotive translation services.

Localisation of products has led to massive increases in sales for businesses selling a variety of products and this includes the German automotive industry. No buyer is eager to buy products that don’t have a translation of an automobile’s manual and warranty information.

Research has indicated that 75 percent of internet users prefer to browse websites in their own language and will choose products that they can read about over products which are described and marketed in the company’s own language only.

The German automotive industry has done just that and has managed to maintain its position as a world leader in automobile production by using automotive translation services which offer translation in the automotive industry that provides the quality needed to keep customers and attract new ones from countries which are increasing their stock of automobiles.

There is good evidence to suggest that German translation has uplifted the automobile industry in Germany.