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Horse In The Snow

Spring has finally sprung in Germany. We know this because people have been busily celebrating Easter. While many Germans kept their celebrations confined to the warm indoors, a group of approximately 1500 hardy Saxons rode out on a traditional Easter procession. Both riders and horses survived the weather, which is more than can be said for the unfortunate stars of a flea circus, who all sadly died while being transported to a show in North Rhine-Westphalia.
We also know it’s Spring because the clocks have changed. This enabled people to get out of bed with an hour’s less sleep, to clear the snow from their garden paths. Having missed out on a white Christmas, Germany can now look forward to a white Easter.
While many Germans are now dreaming of some sunshine, others are making plans to head to Australia where the weather is generally better all round. Whether their plans are to study, to travel or to work, Australia is a welcoming place and the visa process is surprisingly straightforward. It does help to employ the services of a qualified and experienced NAATI translator. They will make sure the whole process is as simple as possible.