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Many of the most successful inventions (or new services) work along the “build a better mousetrap” principle. In other words, they allow people to improve the way they already do something, rather than creating something completely new.

For example people have been swapping toys with each other for generations but German businessman Christoph Blödner who has built up a business empire recycling lego bricks. He literally buys all the 2nd hand bricks he can find, washes them and then recreates the original sets for resale at a fraction of the original price.

Then there’s Wiesbaden-based student and entrepreneur Daria Volkova, who has introduced the concept of a cafe where customers are charged for the time they spend there rather than for food and drink. Indeed customers are encouraged to bring their own food and there is unlimited coffee provided. They can tap into the (included Wifi) and essentially treat the cafe as a comfortable and convenient place to chill out and meet up.

As the name suggests, Volkova is originally from Russia, she is a classic example of a determined immigrant with a creative business idea. Such immigrants are welcomed everywhere, including in Australia and for those interested in setting up business there, it is best to employ the services of a German NAATI translator.
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