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Google has had some wonderful doodles, but usually steers clear of controversial topics. They have, however, come down firmly on the side of Berlin in one of the most heated debates amongst German sausage lovers – who invented the currywurst?

On one side we have Berlin, home of Herta Heuwer. According to local legend, Heuwer decided to add some spice to the sausages she sold in her kiosk in Charlottenburg – literally. In 1949, she made her first sale of a standard sausage covered in a spicy sauce. Heuwer (who would have been 100 this year, hence the Google Doodle) holds a patent for her sauce and took the recipe to her grave in 1999.

On the other side we have Hamburg, home of Lena Brücker, owner of a stall in the Großneumarkt. Hamburg natives credit her with the invention of the currywurst at least 2 years earlier as writer Uwe Timm claims to have enjoyed the delicacy there in 1947.

Australians are more likely to eat their sausages with barbecue sauce than curry sauce, although arguably that’s the same sort of idea. They would certainly have appreciated Frau Heuwer’s and/or Frau Brücker’s  inventiveness with food. Modern Australian cooking has absorbed many global influences, particularly from Asia. For those interested in visiting the country, an experienced German NAATI translator will be a great help.