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Grammar Versus Understanding
German translator quality is high on the agenda these days, particularly when machine translation plays such an important role in translations. There is more concern that this type of automated translation is not really providing the quality needed to be effective.
Machine translations do not come out with quite the same translation as does a human-initiated translation. It is generally of the opinion that this is true but it is not necessarily quite as simple as that.
With social media use and a boom in Internet use the whole criteria of the written text is changing and evolving. With so many writing tools available just about anybody can write and get published online and quality does not necessarily determine if something is published on the internet.
However, when translating is taking place any errors made on social media, for example, would not have quite the same impact as errors made in the translation of a novel. The aim of modern e-communication is the sharing of ideas so that those people who are interested can easily understand any message being conveyed.
This does not necessarily mean the translation has to be perfect as an informal message on for example social media is often just scanned for meaning and minor grammar errors are not noticed in quite the same way as larger translation projects which have the intention of sharing, for example, product information far and wide so quality is important. Marketers of a product don’t want to mislead potential consumers.
The overall quality of information that has been translated is often hard to quantify. For example, taking a manual that is in PDF format and is about the constructing of an electronic gadget and translating it using a PDF Translator.
This translation product translates automatically the PDF documents using a machine-translation feature, so the quality of the translation is not that great. However, it does keep the layout in its original form. In the end, a great German English translation with the correct layout appears to be more important than perfect grammatical turnout.