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It may seem hard to believe but not all cameras are digital. In fact, it’s still fairly straightforward to buy disposable film cameras, presumably for the occasions when people don’t want to risk their good digital ones.

A People’s Picture is a project started by scientist Matthew Jorgensen, who in spite of the name is from Utah. Although he set out to study chemistry, Jorgensen developed an interest in sociology and in 2009 started leaving disposable cameras around Salt Lake City with a note asking people to use the camera and return it. For those who are raising their eyebrows, all but a couple of the cameras were indeed returned.

Last May, Jorgensen moved to Dresden and took the project with him, where it has enjoyed the same success. Interestingly, the Germans seem to make more of an effort to be creative than their predecessors in the U.S. People who do develop a taste for photography will love Australia, where dynamic cities encircle an extraordinary natural world, full of unique animals, birds and plants. Those who take their cameras underwater will find even more to explore. While Australia’s marvellous ecosystem is complex, going there for work or pleasure is much simpler, particularly with the services of a German NAATI translator.

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