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Young Smiling Woman Holding Surfboard

Nature lovers in Germany were very excited recently when a sailor filmed a very rare pure white harbour porpoise off the coast of Germany.  It’s very difficult to capture the elusive porpoise on camera at all and filming a pure white one has caused quite a sensation.
Sailors and wildlife-lovers alike will find much to enjoy in Australia’s waters.  The Great Barrier Reef is justly famous the world over, but it’s only a part of Australia’s watery treasures.  Scuba divers will find the world under the waves teeming with life in all shapes and colours while surfers will be in paradise as Australia has some of the finest surfing waves in the world.

Australia’s coast line is enjoyed by pretty much everyone who comes to the country.  Locals use it to cool off and chill out in summer and tourists often just love it.  Due to Australia’s ever-growing popularity as a tourist destination, there is always a high demand for foreign workers in that area.

While this demand can make it relatively straightforward to obtain a working visa, it’s often worthwhile to have an official translation of all documents made by a qualified German NAATI translator to help ensure everything goes smoothly.