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Translation Languages in the World

It is expected that as BREXIT slowly takes place that the demand for bilingual personnel is likely to rise. This it seems is due to more businesses relocating from Britain to other countries overseas. Many businesses at present aren’t sure if they will have the same access to the skills that bilingual speakers have once Britain leaves the EU. Up to now, access to any skilled labour from within the EU has not been a problem as there were no borders that needed to be considered.

1. The highest paying translation language is German. A speaker will attract £34,00O approximately. Germany is one of Britain’s most lucrative trading partners so there is a strong demand for German speakers, especially in the financial and business sectors.

2. Arabic comes second at almost the same pay possibility as German at £34,122. There is a particular demand for those who are fluent in both Arabic and English.

3. French attracts around £32,646 and this is mainly because of the close proximity of France to Britain which over a long period of time has maintained strong ties.

4. Dutch has a reasonable high salary possibility at £29,423 and there are always many jobs open for those who can speak this language.

5. Spanish is ranked as one of the most popular and highest-paid translation languages in the world because of the sheer number of native speakersSpeaking this language enables the person to communicate with a wide diversity of people and countries ranging from the United States to Spain, Mexico, and other South American countries.

6. Japanese at one time was thought to become a very popular language but today it doesn’t quite get into Britain’s top ten wanted list of languages. However, a position does attract £28,954 which is worth working for.

7. Russian is becoming more and more important and attracts an annual income of £28,858. It’s especially important in the financial services arena where bi-linguists are constantly in demand.

8. Italian is sought after and there are always many vacancies available for Italian speakers and you can expect to receive an annual salary of around £28,723.

9. Mandarin is considered to be the language spoken by more people than any other languages globally so attracts a yearly salary of £28,268.

So if you are looking for a well-paid career learning a second language and becoming a key bilingual speaker is likely to be a good investment in your future.