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Driver License TranslationDriving license translations may be needed by Australians who wish to hire or buy a vehicle in another country where English is not the official language, or for foreigners who have their own country’s driving license and wish to use them while in Australia.

Note that most people who wish to drive for relatively short periods (e.g. for a holiday, visiting friends or family or business) in another country where there is a different language spoken can usually purchase an international driving permit. This is basically a copy of their own national driving license translated into a number of other languages. The issue and use of international driving permits is regulated by an international convention and recognised by around 83 different countries. A person who wishes to obtain an international driving permit must apply for one in their own country, often through a local motoring organisation, such as the AA in Britain. Some countries, including Canada and the U.S. do not recognise international driving permits.

Even when you have obtained an international driving permit, you still need your own national driving license with it and there are some complications in some countries who may insist that you have a translation of your own license even if an international driving license is provided. For example, in Thailand, police officers may decide to stop your car on major highways and ask to see your driving license. They may not be able to read and understand either your own license or any of the languages in an international driving permit. It is advisable in this case to have a Thai translation of your own license, even if authorities in Thailand say all you need is an international permit!

The Benefits of NAATI Driving License Translation by NAATI Translators

NAATI is the recognised accreditation authority for both translators and interpreters in Australia. There may be equivalent organisations in other countries. If you need any official translation done while in Australia and that includes translating an Australian state or territory driving license or a foreign one, it makes sense to use a NAATI translator to do the translation for you. There are several good reasons why this should be the first choice. These are listed below.

1. NAATI driving license translations are reliable

All translators who have NAATI accreditation have trained as translators, have fluency in at least one other language other than English, and have passed exams compiled by NAATI. These are rigorous tests of competency as a translator, which means that all NAATI translators are reliable as translators.

2. NAATI driving license translations are accurate

The Australian government as well as many employers and educational authorities insist that official documents presented in any language other than English, including foreign driving licenses, must be translated into English by a NAATI accredited translator. This is because accredited translated produce accurate translations.

Although an Australian who needs a translation of their own national driving license to be able to drive in a foreign country doesn’t necessarily need a NAATI translator, doing so means they are likely to produce reliable, accurate translations.

3. NAATI translation saves time and money

It saves time and money to have accurate, reliable driving license translations rather than have your license rejected by a government official either in Australia or another country.


Driving licenses may have to be translated in some circumstances if you are intending to spend some time in another country other than your own. Choose a professional driving license translator to do the translation for you. If you are in Australia a NAATI accredited driving license translator is the best choice.