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Do you need to apply for one or another type of visa for entry to Australia and are a German speaker with documents in German? A German NAATI translator is of real help in getting your documents translated from the original language into English for submission to the Department of Immigration and Border Control here in Australia. In fact, it is a requirement that all essential documents need to be competently translated by an accredited German English translator, which in effect means someone who has been accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd. (NAATI).

Documents that you may need to get translated include birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving licenses, police checks to show absence of a  criminal record, medical records, employment records, educational qualifications, statements of service from employers or character statements – sometimes the list seems to go on and on.

If you are a native German speaker and are applying for a residence permit on the basis of a defacto partnership with an Australian citizen or resident there may be even more documents you need to submit and they all have to be translated into English. You will have to prove that you have had a relationship for at least 12 months, for instance, and back it up with some evidence or at least produce a statutory declaration to demonstrate that what you have said about the relationship is true. This sort of documentation can be tricky as it is hard to know exactly what is acceptable by the authorities. It is important to use a German English translator to help with understanding the requirements before any documents are submitted.

Documents for immigration not only have to be translated by an approved document translation service they also have to be signed by whoever does the translation that they are in fact an accurate version of the original. You will usually need the original documents to be sighted at least by the translator, even if they ultimately use a copy for the translation purposes.

Don’t bother with trying to translate any documents yourself, even if your English is very good. Also, if your English is not so good, but you have a friend or your partner is good at both German and English, it still won’t be adequate for immigration. By using an accredited translation service, the Australian government doesn’t have to worry about whether the version of the document is accurate and authentic. This standard is part and parcel of what NAATI accreditation is all about.