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How A German Soldier Became A Global-Local Hero On The Football Field

The 20thcentury could be called the century of the communications revolution. At its beginning, international leisure travel had become a reality for the elite, who could make their way around the world, mainly using a combination of trains and boats. By the end of the century, air travel was commonplace and the internet made instantaneous global communication a reality.

The turning point arguably began in the 1930s as the prospect of WW2 became increasingly real. Some people fled to other parts of Europe, others went further afield to the new worlds of the U.S.A. and Australia. Once war began, soldiers were moved from country to country, either ans combattants or prisoners of war and in Europe many of the latter formed strong bonds with their new country.

One such migrant was Bert Trautmann, who arrived in the UK as a prisoner, married a local girl and went on to become one of the most celebrated goalkeepers in the premiership, famously playing the last 17 minutes of the FA cup final with a broken neck. His skill and personality saw him become a local hero to Manchester City fans and as football became a truly global game, his name gradually became known and respected all over the world. For those who are interested in making a new life in a new country, enlisting the services of a German NAATI translator should help get you off to a winning start.