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Own Language
Copywriting for a business often does not come out quite the way it should in both meaning and word use. Even catch-phrases related to the product often don’t sound quite right unless of course the business or individual prefers to do his or her copywriting using the words and phrases that best suit the product they know so well.
To be more precise what may be copy written for a Detroit audience may not go down so well with an audience in Paris or even Vancouver. Every catch-phrase used is often unique to a particular country or audience and seems awkward when repeated elsewhere.
It’s not simply effective enough to carry a catchphrase from one language and culture to another. That phrase is only effective in the language and culture of its origin and it helps to mould it together. This is called transcreation. German English translation companies know all about transcreation and can provide appropriate copywriting services.
Global brands use copywriting to market their brands worldwide as they find it the best way to advertise their business. Others may choose transcreation as it creates a more suitable brand image for a particular market.  What you choose to do may be related to the amount of money you have available and the time-frame required to complete the job.
It is always a great help to fast and effective translation agencies if the business tells them how they wish to use copywriting as this will determine the level of expertise required to do the job. Word by word translation is one thing but translating catch phrases by finding appropriate alternatives in the target languages needs a well-chosen, experienced German English translator who will get the translation just right.