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German English translators sometimes find that faulty document design is sometimes a problem, as with any other language translation. Sometimes, the design does not fit with the translation because the client wanting the translation has designed the document before the German translation takes place. On the other hand there are times when a translated document doesn’t appear as it should do because the translator did not know how to use the design software that adds the right effect to the translation.

At times, clients forget to tell a German English translation agency that the language they want the translation in reads the text naturally from right to left which is different from many languages where the text usually reads from left to right. Hebrew and Arabic fall into the former group. Of course the competent translator at a German translation service will know which languages are read in a certain direction. The problem emerges when the client has forgotten to allow in his or her design that important fact and the German translator translates the document into Hebrew.

When translating, the English German translation company ensures that there is enough space on the document to accommodate the translation as it is fully aware that some languages take up more space than others when putting across the same message. For example, Chinese text takes up quite a lot less space than English text. Romance languages like Italian, French and Spanish take up around 20% more space than their English relative.

If the client likes a particular font along with a customised design this should be discussed with the English German translator beforehand so no time is wasted redoing the document to suit changes as a result of the translation. The length of words acts differently in certain fonts, so when the length of words changes in a translation a different font may need to be used to have the desired effect.

Top translators like German English translation services ensure that client translator communication brings the best result for the translation in both language and design of the document.