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How Many Languages Does Your Business Speak?
It might surprise you but there is still no absolute certainty as to the number of languages spoken throughout the world. However, it is estimated that there are no less than 6,500 languages that are considered to be living languages, but when it comes down to actual number of languages spoken out of these 6,500 known languages there are less than 1,000 speakers for at least 2,000 of them.

The business world these days has crossed the language gap and many are using more languages than their own to expand their markets. There are seven billion people residing in the world and well over 50 percent of them speak one of the 10 main languages which in order of the number of speakers Mandarin comes out tops followed by English then Hindustani with Spanish and Russian coming next then Arabic and Bengali. Portuguese and Indonesian and finally French are also in the top ten.

It doesn’t take much of an imagination to work out that if you wish to expand your business what languages you will need to use to market your product to as bigger market as possible. If your language is German you could use a German translator who is competent in one of the top ten world languages and have all your marketing material translated.

If yours is one of those businesses that want to outstrip those of your competitors then think about getting your marketing material translated into Swahili as there are 15 million Swahili native speakers and there are 30 million who use the language for business communication. You could hire a German translation service to competently translate your product marketing language into Swahili if German is your usual language. You can’t forget English as this is still at the top of the league and you can use an English German translator to perfectly translate your marketing information.

Before you choose to translate your product information into another language you should do some market research on the types of potential customers and what language they speak naturally. From this information, you can decide how many different languages your product and marketing information should be in.