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My Business Documents Before Translation

It is a mistake to assume that a German English translator can deal efficiently with a document that has not been adequately prepared beforehand. At the least, the document translation will probably take longer and therefore will also cost more, but may also contain mistakes that might not have been made with prior preparation.

The best approach if you are new to getting your documents translated is to talk with the translation company first about the sort of document you want to be translated and how you should prepare it beforehand.

Preparing a document before handing it over to the German NAATI translator usually means using a font that is applicable in the language you are translating into as well as considering the special needs of the text as well. If space is an issue (for instance, on a webpage), then it is best to allow for too much space rather than too little. It is a fact that not all languages use the same number of words, or even the same type of alphabet, as your own.

The German language is quite closely related to English, but this doesn’t mean that English German translations are always straightforward. Phrases in German are often shorter or longer than their English equivalents. Some phrases may not have any equivalent at all and need to be adapted ‘creatively’. This becomes more important whenever either language is translated into languages like Russian, with its Cyrillic script, rather than a Latin one and even more so if it is translated into Arabic or any number of Asian languages with their own hieroglyphics or characters.

Spacing considerations are also important for any language translation into a language that is not read from left to right (as is the case with German and English). Arabic and Hebrew, for instance, are written (and printed) from right to left, while Japanese is written from top to bottom.

Basically, if you leave the preparation to the translator, you may end up paying them to do something which you could have easily done yourself or worse, end up having to reformat the document or text after it has been translated. Unless paying someone else to do something you can do yourself is much cheaper, communicate with your chosen translator and listen to their advice about preparing the document to be translated as well as it can be before it is submitted for translation.