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Translation Conference
Despite the fact that translators have global access to information and there are instant online tools like Skype and Google for communication conferences are still robust events for circulating and discussing information about translation trends. German translation providers travel far and wide to attend these conferences and the best way to maximise one’s outcomes is preparing before you go.

Book workshops in advance

Apart from keynote speeches workshops are a healthy part of conferences. Their titles are normally advertised well in advance of the conference date but it is worthwhile ensuring which workshops you wish to attend in advance. This gives the opportunity for the workshop convener to ensure the workshop is well prepared. You should enrol in those workshops that best fit your area of work so that you can both gain and contribute.

Researching conference speakers

Before attending the event you will be supplied with a list of conference speakers. These are normally key and influential in the translation industry. If you research the speakers areas of specialisation you can then co ordinate more quickly with anyone who has ideas you wish to know more about and you can arrange an informal meeting when you get to the conference venue.

Your business card is useful

It might seem a bit old fashioned but at conferences where there are real people present it’s always handy to have some business cards ready with all your immediate contact details so if you find anyone you would like to make further contact with exchanging business cards is the thing to do. Preparing a small detailed brochure to go with your business card will help the recipient gain an insight to your qualifications and the German translation services you provide. There are bound to be several people at the conference who know just how useful a German NAATI translator is and to see one in the flesh may stick in their minds, especially if you offer your business card and brochure to them.

Note taking is important

Most translation conferences will most likely post conference highlights on the internet but they never detail all facts and figures discussed. You should make sure you take your tablet or a smartphone or even plain paper and a pen so you are set to take notes on anything you find important to your area of translation.