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Quality of German Translation

Germany is Europe’s largest economy and when you add other predominantly German-speaking communities to it, such as Austria and Switzerland, you will understand just how important it is to have high quality German translation for your website. It’s not just the potential for confusion and misinterpretation if you use amateur translators, it’s the fact that most customers whether they are German speakers or not, respond best to their own language. The three main German-speaking nations in Europe also have specific regional dialects, so although there is a standard German version of the language, websites that reflect these regional differences are most likely to hit the mark as far as marketing goes.
Professional German translation services are not just essential for marketing. Perhaps just as important, if not more so, is information that is of a legal nature. Germany is a country where quality counts. Terminology is taken seriously. Legal documents that are intended for use in Germany, Austria and Switzerland need to be translated very accurately if they are to be of any use. If your business is going to have any long term relationship with a German-speaking counterpart, it must take its translation requirements seriously.
Germany is also an advanced nation technologically. It has a technologically sophisticated population that regularly uses and understands technical language. However, many technical terms are very specific in meaning and German translators hired to translate technical documents, particularly medical documents need to have a thorough grounding in not just the languages they are translating but the subject matter, too. As with other translation tasks, the use of translation memory coupled with effective post-translation editing by human translators can be a fast and cost-effective way to process German translations of all types.

Just to Emphasise the Importance of Effective German Translation, here are some Figures which Demonstrate how Important the German-Speaking Market is Today:

  • Germany has a GDP of over $U.S. 3700 billion
  • It has the largest economy in Europe
  • Germany’s GDP is 5.7% of the world’s total
  • The country has a recognisably stable economy and viable financial policy
  • Austria has one of the world’s highest GDPs per capita of over €36,000 and a high standard of living relative to other European countries
  • 80% of Swiss speak German
  • Switzerland has one of the highest levels of labour productivity in Europe and a GDP per capita above $U.S. 56,000