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It’s rare for any writer to be happy with the first draft of a piece of writing. For example, a journalist writing for a newspaper would first jot down an outline of the pending news report. He or she would start with an eye-catching heading and then the first paragraph would be written outlining the main events that the news article is presenting. In order of importance, the journalist would introduce the main gist of the story, progressively covering the main points.Revision One by one, the story would unfold until the end and the reporter may merely summarise the main points or conjecture as to what may happen next. The journalist would then go over the draft and revise first, followed by editing and finally proofreading the final article ready to be forwarded to the editor.

This is more or less the same process for a translation. The translator using all the tools available would undertake the translation. It would be handed onto another translator in the same field for a translation revision. This is to ensure that there is consistency in the terminology used in the translation as well as confirming that the tone is consistent throughout the translation. Sometimes a translation company will charge translation revision rates if a large amount of revising is required.

So the process is revised edit proofread and once the revision translate is complete the finished translation product will be handed to the project manager who will decide whether the quality is what the client expects.

What Proofreading Achieves

As well as amending translation mistakes proofreading also ensures the grammar, spelling and word usage is correct and the use of punctuation. There are so many times when simple errors get overlooked and it’s only the keen eye of an experienced proofreader that finds these mistakes. There’s nothing worse than the recipient of a translation commenting on how good the translation is but complaining there are too many overlooked spelling and punctuation mistakes.  The translator and the translation services will not be given a good recommendation if errors are found in the translation. It has to ensure all the translators they hire revise edit proofread before handing the translation to the project manager.