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Driver License Translation

Travelling with your driver’s license can enhance your travel experience because you can rent or hire a car to get to those places which are hard to reach on public transport. If you are travelling in a country where the language is different than your own, it is always a good idea to carry a translation of your driver’s license with you to avoid misunderstandings if you are asked to produce it by a government official. Also, the translation affirms you are a good driver so you won’t be asked to sit a test before you can drive a car.

Not everyone you make contact within a country new to you will be bilingual and able to speak your language. So having a driver’s license translation means you can use the document as a form of ID when you are asked to show one to confirm your name and date of birth.

What you should know before driving in a foreign country

A few countries require international travellers to have an International Driving Permit. If this is the law you will also need to have in your possession your original driver’s license accompanied by a translation. You never really know if and when you may require additional documentation to help prove your identity, particularly if you lack fluency in the country’s language. At a random police check on the road, the officer will want you to confirm your identity so the best document to use is a translation of your driver’s license.

As well as getting a translation for your driver’s license you should research the traffic rules of the country(ies) you intend to visit. Some countries drive on the left while others prefer the right. You need to know and to begin with, you will need to focus more on driving if the side of the road for driving is different from your own country where you earned your driver’s license. Checking the routes you intend to use when you arrive in your new country will give you greater driving confidence and you can prepare, if required, in advance for the different driving conditions. If you don’t like the confusion of freeway driving you can check alternative routes in advance which are often quieter and more scenic.

You may have no plans at all to drive when travelling internationally but you may change your mind and decide to hire a car to get to those more inaccessible destinations that have no public transport. In this case, it is extremely helpful to have your driver’s license on you with an accurate translation that you obtained before you boarded your flight. This driver’s license translation verifies your age if you plan on going to any clubs and pubs overseas where a translated ID document is easy to understand for anyone who is not bilingual.