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German Translation services

Do you have an important overseas market which includes a German speaking component? You may want to get your advertising material, including magazine and newspaper articles and newsletters, translated so that your potential and actual customers who are German speakers can read about your business and whatever goods and services it offers.

Magazine articles often give useful information about new products; helpful ideas about existing products; special deals that are being offered; new research that is going on or any other relevant information which might alert people to what your business can offer.

Translating magazine articles needs to be done accurately and effectively if they are going to be treated seriously. Poor translations are not going to do the reputation of your company any good. You need a German NAATI translator to provide you with a quick turn-around time and translations which are tuned into the community you are aiming at. Translations are not just word for word conversions. Good German translation services need to be culturally appropriate, as well as providing accurate language translation. That means that they need to have an intimate understanding of the culture and idiom of the people who are going to read the translated articles.

It is amazing how many translations just don’t quite get that cultural aspect right. It often comes down to an understanding of the sorts of idioms and expressions that people might use and understand. If you think about it, that’s the way any magazine article works. It’s written to attract a particular group of people. Get their expressions wrong and it just won’t have the same impact.

German NAATI translators don’t just provide accurate translations of magazine articles and other business literature into German. They can also translate important, interesting and useful articles that have appeared in German and may be of relevance in an English language review or a website that has an English speaking audience. If you own, manage or provide marketing opportunities for a German business and wish to expand your market in Australia or any other English speaking country, you will undoubtedly benefit from accurate translations of any articles that you have published into English.