Jewish Australians Concerned About Their Identity after Forgery Case

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Most countries take citizenship and passport applications by people born overseas seriously and here in Australia, all documentation has to be translated very carefully and correctly by official translators. Documents such as birth certificates, for instance, issued in German, must be translated into English by a German English translator.

Some Jewish Australians have voiced concern about the recent case of a forged Australian passport used by one of Israel’s secret service personnel to allegedly expedite the assassination of a Palestinian. Israel’s Mossad (Secret Service) has used forged passports of several other countries, including New Zealand, before and the knowledge of these forgeries has influenced the way genuine Australian residents and former citizens of Israel are viewed by authorities. One Jewish Australian, who was born in Israel but had migrated to Melbourne, was asked to show the translation of his original birth certificate on a recent application for a new Australian passport. This is a very unusual situation, as normally once you have gained an Australian passport the issuing of another one is routine.

The fact that this is happening to Australian citizens who were born overseas demonstrates how important the birth certificate really is. In many ways, it is just as important as a passport, because without it a passport or citizenship application may be impossible.

If you were born in Germany or a German-speaking country or your birth certificate was issued in the German language then there are two important things to remember. The first is to look after your original document carefully, as getting another one issued quickly is never easy. The second is to get it translated into English by an officially recognized German translation service. A NAATI translator, like a German translator Brisbane or any other city in Australia, should ensure that all the key details about the place you were born, date and parents’ identities are translated correctly.